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Enhance your workflow efficiency with our specialized
Mail-Focused creative platform


It facilitates efficient time management and organization

Centralized control over all mailboxes, providing a comprehensive overview of your company's workflow

Mails Management

You can implement your mailboxes from different providers in one place and manage them efficiently

Users Management

Establish your teams with permissions to ensure comprehensive controller management.

Coming soon

Utilize the API to facilitate replying to, assigning, or modifying mail statuses

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You will get your own subdomain.

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User management


Mailbox management


Consolidate email management to a single mailbox


Centralize email management across all mailboxes

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Our team works shoulder-to- shoulder, ensuring a project is never created in isolation.

Our teams are working on this project to isolate it for every user. This means you will get your own subdomain, database, and it's built to be secure. We're working on implementing new features.

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