User Management Guide

Create a New User and Assign Permissions

To create a new user and assign permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Name: Enter the user's name.

  2. Email: Provide the user's email address.

  3. Password: Set a password for the user.

  4. Permissions: Select the permissions you want to assign to the user from the following options:

    • [x] Select All
    • [ ] Brand
    • [ ] Api
    • [ ] Mailbox
  5. Groups: Assign the user to one or more groups. Note: At least one group must be selected.

  6. Click the "Create User" button to finalize the process.

The new user will receive an email, containing instructions to access their account. Upon logging in, they can change their password and manage brands, groups, and mailbox based on their assigned permissions

Select and Remove Groups

When assigning groups to a user, follow these guidelines:

Select Groups: Choose one or more groups from the available options.

Remove Groups: To remove a group, simply uncheck the corresponding checkbox.

Example Group Names


Feel free to contact support if you encounter any issues or have questions.